You can never have too many skulls.

You may have plenty of skull tattoos, skull t-shirts, and skull jewelry, but do you eat skull eggs every morning? Well now you can! Don’t let a morning go by without seeing a freaking skull and cross bones on your plate. The … Continue reading


Moldy Sandwich – Just $5!

Don’t live in fear! Don’t let the office hungry hippos take your lunch. These wonderful sandwich bags are great for deterring office food thieves. No one wants to eat a moldy sandwich, except you of course. But the joke’s on them … Continue reading


3D latte foam art

Making art out of latte foam is not sucky, and making it in the shape of a 3d panda bear or chubby little frog is even less sucky. However the least sucky type of latte art is the one you … Continue reading

Try them in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for that extra crunch!

Great protein snack!

For only around $15 including shipping, you get a great source of protein to take to the office, the movies, or on the subway! This container has approximately 1,500 lady bugs that are ready to eat right out of the cup. … Continue reading


Get a beer-stache

  Make your beer all foamy with the Sonic Foamer.   Forget milk-staches. So 90’s! This decade, everyone’s getting beer-staches! But you can’t do this with non foamy beer. You need a real frothy, foam-rich beer. That’s where the Sonic … Continue reading