Lay down on a pizza

Nothing better than laying on a delicious, hot, cheesy pizza at the beach. Only problem is that even an extra large pizza might not be big enough for your entire body and laying down in hot, oily cheese is probably … Continue reading

Gift a box of burgers

Is it a friend’s birthday? Someone getting married? Anniversary? Then you need a gift. Enough with the ties already! Quit it with the pajamas! Another damn power tool?! Stop gifting the same stuff everyone else gives. Stand out from the … Continue reading

Forget cooking at home

Tired of cooking in your boring, old, messy, dusty, bug-ridden, poorly-designed, stucco’d, home full of roaches, spiderwebs, and old people smell? I SURE AM, but enough about me. YOU can take your kitchen outside, wherever you go and use the … Continue reading

Your very own Asian man

Is your home too lonely and boring? Spice it up by startling yourself every morning when you wake up to an Asian man staring at you! How neat! How fun! How totally psychotic! The Asian man vinyl Peel and Stick Wall … Continue reading

Lay your head on fish

You like sushi, right? But do you LOOOOVE SUSHI?? If you are like every single employee at YOU ARE SUCKY headquarters, you love sushi so much you friggin SLEEP WITH IT! You too can be a SUSHI-PERV with your very own … Continue reading

A bloody face on your wall

Any UFC fan will appreciate having a plaque on his wall that features a bloody-faced Nate Diaz, who beat 145 pound champ, Conner McGregor in UFC 196 this past March. It is officially licensed by the UFC, so hurry before they … Continue reading