Drunken skeeball in your underwear

Why wear clothes and play a boring game of sober skeeball in a noisy pizza restaurant full of creepy animatronic rodents and creepy animated kids when you can play DRUNKEN SKEEBALL IN YOUR UNDERWEAR! Don’t bother leaving the house! Don’t bother getting dressed! Beat yesterday’s record before … Continue reading


Your Very Own PET SHARK

The Remote Control Flying Shark is as amazing to watch as it is to fly. It moves just like a real shark but unlike a real shark we don’t have to invade his habitat—HE INVADES OURS. Up to 40 Range Infra-red Control Shark … Continue reading


Human skeleton x-rays

You know how you’ve always wanted to make a lamp shade out of x-rays? Well now you can! These beautiful pieces of art are reprinted on transparencies which will work as lamp shades, with overhead projectors, on car windows, or … Continue reading


Fun with electric shock

Laugh hysterically at your closest friends as they writhe in pain while being electrocuted with the Lightning Reaction game! It’s a much funner party game than Scrabble or Poker because instead of merely insulting your intelligence or taking your money, it punishes losers with electric shock. The … Continue reading


Funny Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow

Did you have a bad day? Not a single guy hit on you? No one tried to sneak an upskirt photo of you? Don’t feel sad, your day might’ve been sucky but your night doesn’t have to be. Tonight, cuddle up … Continue reading