Poop like a boss

Ever feel like you stopped short of total elimination? The Squatty Potty toilet stool allows you to poop like a boss! Like a very healthy boss, you sit with your knees elevated in a healthy and natural squat position in … Continue reading

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette

If you would like to be less sucky, follow the tips in the book, “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in New York; most tips can be followed in any sucky neighborhood. Illustrations by Nathan Pyle. Buy his … Continue reading

Expand your face.

  Don’t you hate your narrow face? Wouldn’t you like to make it W–I–D–E–R? Now you can! With the Bigan Beauty Face Expander, your face can be as wide as your backside! We all love wide, expanded faces on women and we know … Continue reading