Gift a box of burgers

Is it a friend’s birthday? Someone getting married? Anniversary? Then you need a gift. Enough with the ties already! Quit it with the pajamas! Another damn power tool?! Stop gifting the same stuff everyone else gives. Stand out from the … Continue reading

Your Very Own PET SHARK

The Remote Control Flying Shark is as amazing to watch as it is to fly. It moves just like a real shark but unlike a real shark we don’t have to invade his habitat—HE INVADES OURS. Up to 40 Range Infra-red Control Shark … Continue reading

Like a personal assistant—for your butt

Cleaning yourself solely with toilet paper is actually a preposterous idea. Let’s say you go out to the backyard to plant something and get mud all over your hands. Would you wipe your hands with a dry paper towel and consider yourself clean … Continue reading

Kickboxing kangaroo beats up fat man

Are kangaroos sucky? Anyone who can stand on their tail and execute a double kick to the ribs of their opponent cannot, by definition, be sucky. On the other hand, the out-of-shape man moving around like a drunk unicycle rider … Continue reading

Boost moral at work!

Pretty sure these guys are sucky, right? This is either the world’s worst attempt at corporate team building or the next sequel to Human Centipede where instead of the original horrific and disgusting surgical procedure, the crazy doctor sews up … Continue reading