Like a personal assistant—for your butt


Cleaning yourself solely with toilet paper is actually a preposterous idea. Let’s say you go out to the backyard to plant something and get mud all over your hands. Would you wipe your hands with a dry paper towel and consider yourself clean and ready for lunch? Preposterous! The next best thing is to use flushable wet wipes which are much better than dry toilet paper, but they are still lacking (back to the muddy hands scenario).

The best way to be totally clean after using the toilet is with WATER! (using water to clean yourself—what a genius concept!) The ReFresh-It Bidet allows you to be totally clean by squirting water in the right place just like the fancy Europeans and the innovative Japanese have done for ages!

It does NOT need batteries or any kind of power supply. You simply attach a hose to the existing water line and screw it on using the toilet-seat screws. 15-20 minute installation!

Here’s a video of Matt, one of our employees who installed the ReFresh-It Bidet at YouAreSucky headquarters. Despite absolutely loving it, he did have a little bit of trouble demonstrating how it works. He asked us not to post the video and we told him we definitely would not show it to anyone. So here’s the video:


Get your ReFresh-It Bidet for under $40 here.  

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