You can never have too many skulls.

You may have plenty of skull tattoos, skull t-shirts, and skull jewelry, but do you eat skull eggs every morning? Well now you can! Don’t let a morning go by without seeing a freaking skull and cross bones on your plate. The … Continue reading

Moldy Sandwich – Just $5!

Don’t live in fear! Don’t let the office hungry hippos take your lunch. These wonderful sandwich bags are great for deterring office food thieves. No one wants to eat a moldy sandwich, except you of course. But the joke’s on them … Continue reading

Studded Fanny Pack

This studded fanny pack will carry your belongings, letting you hold your phone with one free hand and update your Facebook page with the other. No more juggling your smart phone, your emergency whistle, and your overly sweetened coffee drink while … Continue reading

Human skeleton x-rays

You know how you’ve always wanted to make a lamp shade out of x-rays? Well now you can! These beautiful pieces of art are reprinted on transparencies which will work as lamp shades, with overhead projectors, on car windows, or … Continue reading

Fun with electric shock

Laugh hysterically at your closest friends as they writhe in pain while being electrocuted with the Lightning Reaction game! It’s a much funner party game than Scrabble or Poker because instead of merely insulting your intelligence or taking your money, it punishes losers with electric shock. The … Continue reading

Indoor rainbows

Are rainbows sucky? If you’re color-blind then yeah, they sure are. But if you’re like us at YouAreSucky headquarters you can’t wait ’til it rains just to run to the office windows and proclaim at the top of your lungs, “LOOK—A F*CKING RAINBOW!”. … Continue reading

3D latte foam art

Making art out of latte foam is not sucky, and making it in the shape of a 3d panda bear or chubby little frog is even less sucky. However the least sucky type of latte art is the one you … Continue reading

Wearable futon sleep suit

If you’re like most of us, you’d rather be sleeping. But a comfy futon is nowhere to be found. Now you don’t have to worry your pretty little head; you’re wearing one! The King Jim Wearable Futon Air Mat Suit allows … Continue reading