Catch your body parts


Hate to shave the beard because you hate the cleanup? The Beard Apron will catch those pesky little suckers so you can move on to the important things such as updating your Facebook status or that other thing called, “work”.


The Beard Apron is easy to use: Just attach the velcro straps around the neck, loop around suction cups, and you’re ready to go! Disposal is just as easy!

In fact, once you have an apron full of facial hair, you can get creative! How about gluing the hairs to your chest and back for the next pool party? Or filling water balloons with them and throwing them at the “cool people” waiting in line outside of the exclusive night club? Or maybe you fill one pocket with beard hair and in the other you hide a baggy with honey and next time you get a lap dance at a strip club you secretly dab the outline of her crotch with honey, and follow it with a handful of hairs—then sit back and watch people’s faces as she dances on stage—FUNNY! The possibilities are endless!

Get your Beard Apron and tell us how you’re going to use your detached hairs!


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