Carnival toss game

We all dream of decking a clown in the mouth with a bean bag, right? Well now you can with your very own

Carnival Toss Game!

It’s not just for kids, adults can also have a great time with this super fun, colorful game. It’s made out of a 30 x 53 inch fabric banner that can be hung indoors or out with the included 9.8 ft ribbon. It’s washable and easy to carry when taking to the park or a friend’s party. Comes with 3 bean bags.

Many adult uses!

  • Drinking game: The next guy up takes a shot for every point you get with the three bean bags
  • Prize giveaway for birthday party – person with most points wins gift basket
  • Office toss contest
  • Test your golf skills
  • Test your baseball throwing skills
  • Or have a totally illegal gambling game in your backyard: Players can bet whatever they want per toss. If they make it in the 1pt hole they win 1:1. Making it in the 2 hole doubles their bet and so on.*


  • YouAreSucky does not promote, support, or encourage gambling. It is dangerous, it destroys lives and it is a terrible waste of money. So don’t use this for gambling. That’s what the California Lotto is for.
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