Your friendly, neighborhood fire thrower

Shooting silk from your wrists? Pfff what are you – a fashion designer?? How about shooting friggin FIRE?! Now that’s bad ass!

Be like Spiderman but the dark, demented, fire-throwing Spiderman with the Pyro Mini Fireshooter.


This amazing device lets you throw balls of fire from your wrists just like your favorite magician! (you do have a favorite, right?)

It uses little pieces of cotton as the ammo and even has a remote control so


Features & specs

  • Discreet device for firing small pieces of quick-burn material
  • Hides under shirtsleeve
  • Select handheld or remote function
  • Dual-barrelled
  • Barrels can be fired individually or simultaneously
  • Remote range: 30’ (9.14 m)
  • Includes detachable wrist strap, bundle of flash cotton, 10 large sheets of flash paper, loader, 3 velcro straps for sleeves, cleaning rod, antenna, practice wrist strap, remote arm strap, tweezers, and usb charger
  • Includes enough combustion material for 120 uses
  • Warning: this is not a toy. Do not use if below age 18. Do not use without watching instructional videos from manufacturer.

Designed for magicians.



Yes, it’s rechargeable!



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