Let your feet do the talking

You’ve always wanted to let your feet do the talking, and now you can! The “F**k Off” socks by Fenta let you share your feelings without uttering a word. Made of “Sweat absorption and breathable fabric,” they allow you to “keep dry and comfortable.” Yes, keep dry and comfortable while telling your brother exactly what to do.

Also great for communicating with:

  1. The neighbor
  2. Door to door solar salesmen
  3. Bad therapist who tells you to “get over it”
  4. Narcisistic dog owners
  5. Soccer mom with stick figures on SUV
  6. The cat after it sweeps your iPhone off the table
  7. The dog after it poops in your living room
  8. Angry librarian
  9. Sarcastic blacksmith
  10. Overly energetic barista
  11. Lethargic masseuse
  12. Underachieving Stripper
  13. All pantomimes
  14. All clowns
  15. All Hipsters
  16. Most Ninjas
  17. Motorcycle riders who ride between lanes
  18. Drivers who drive too slow in the fast lane
  19. Talkative Uber drivers
  20. People who say, “Let’s just agree to disagree”

THE LIST IS ENDLESS! (add your own in the comments)


They also come in a retarded amount of colors:

And like it says in the list of features in their sell page:

“Korean style ladies girls cute letter print thermal socks.”

^ and we couldn’t agree more.

Get your socks

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