Fun with electric shock


Laugh hysterically at your closest friends as they writhe in pain while being electrocuted with the Lightning Reaction game! It’s a much funner party game than Scrabble or Poker because instead of merely insulting your intelligence or taking your money, it punishes losers with electric shock. The game is stupidly simple which is important because being electrocuted repeatedly is known to kill brain cells. Nevertheless, this game looks like amazing fun! YAY EXCRUCIATING PAIN!

How to play: Press a button and the horrific, ultra-repetitive, mind-numbing music plays, building up your tension, then when it stops and the light turns green, you are to press a button on the handle. Too early? SHOCK. Too late? SHOCK.

To make it even more fun, we at You Are Sucky would add a drinking component so that you take a shot if you get shocked making it even more likely that you will get shocked in the next round, and the next.

Needless to say, getting shocked for fun is not sucky as you can see from these delightful French men:


“The game consists of four handles, each equipped with a button. Each player grabs a handle and the game is started. A red light starts to blink and a nasty wailing sound is played. Then, suddenly, the light will turn green and sound goes silent. At that point, players must push the button in their handle. The LAST player to do that gets an electrical shock. Players will also be shocked, if they push the button while the light is red.

“Extreme” mode : in this mode ONLY the fastest button pusher is safe, while the rest are shocked. Obviously this only makes a difference with 3 or 4 players. With 2, it plays identical to the original.

“Revenge” mode : in this mode each player chooses who they would like to shock if they were to win. Press the button on the handle until the red light on your base control is targeting your chosen victim. The 3 lights correspond as follows : centre is the player opposite, left is the player to your left and right is the player to your right. Start the game and the fastest finger gets to shock their chosen victim.

The game uses three AAA batteries, so the shock is not dangerous, but it certainly adds an element of tension to the otherwise rather simple test of reacting speed.”


Get your Lightning Reaction Revenge game here for a measly $24.

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