Don’t be an ice-less chump

Don’t be an ice-less chump next time someone comes over for dinner or drinks. Relying on the weak, inferior-quality crescent shaped ice from the refrigerator is a chump move. That ice is sad and poor because it is full of … Continue reading

No more snoring

Stop waking up the dead every night. You can now prevent divorce and finally get a full night’s sleep. The good morning snore solution stops snoring by gently holding your tongue forward. Snoring prevents getting the restorative benefits of deep sleep … Continue reading

Carnival toss game

We all dream of decking a clown in the mouth with a bean bag, right? Well now you can with your very own Carnival Toss Game! It’s not just for kids, adults can also have a great time with this … Continue reading

Your friendly, neighborhood fire thrower

Shooting silk from your wrists? Pfff what are you – a fashion designer?? How about shooting friggin FIRE?! Now that’s bad ass! Be like Spiderman but the dark, demented, fire-throwing Spiderman with the Pyro Mini Fireshooter.   This amazing device lets you … Continue reading

Do they speak English in LITERALLY?

Aren’t you tired of all of the frivolous “LITERALLIES” going around these days? I literally exploded!  My dog is literally the devil!  Are you literally going to eat all that??  Teach these dropouts how to speak proper English without having … Continue reading