Studded Fanny Pack

This studded fanny pack will carry your belongings, letting you hold your phone with one free hand and update your Facebook page with the other. No more juggling your smart phone, your emergency whistle, and your overly sweetened coffee drink while … Continue reading

Wearable futon sleep suit

If you’re like most of us, you’d rather be sleeping. But a comfy futon is nowhere to be found. Now you don’t have to worry your pretty little head; you’re wearing one! The King Jim Wearable Futon Air Mat Suit allows … Continue reading

Ladies, be a fashion ninja!

Ladies, forget the trendy and ridiculous-looking Vibram FiveFingers. So last year! Instead, walk around in authentic split-toe Ninja boots and fashionably let everyone know you are a badass and therefore not sucky. We don’t expect you to wear the whole costume … Continue reading

Everyone loves a cute bunny

  Unisex Cute Cartoon Lycra Spandex Halloween Outfits Totoro Pattern Zentai Suit With Ears Did you catch that? Now comes with ears! Yes, you too can walk around the neighborhood as a harmless bunny regardless of the holiday. This overgrown … Continue reading