Everyone loves a cute bunny


Unisex Cute Cartoon Lycra Spandex Halloween Outfits Totoro Pattern Zentai Suit With Ears

Did you catch that? Now comes with ears!

Yes, you too can walk around the neighborhood as a harmless bunny regardless of the holiday. This overgrown bunny costume will be a hit any time of the year! No need to wait for Halloween, just imagine the look on your wife’s face when she wakes up in the middle of a summer night to a giant bunny standing over her bed. Staring. Silently. A joyful experience she will never forget!

Perfect for Christmas, this giant bunny costume is a great replacement for the old and tired “Santa” character. Hum-drum. 1920 called, they want their fat old man back. Your kids will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Also perfect for casual Fridays at work or meditating anonymously by standing next to a pillar in a dark parking structure. Commuters walking to their car at the end of the day will be glad to see a cute bunny standing there, next to their car, silently waiting. You will be so appreciated!

Get your giant bunny costume today and make the world a happier, (or should I say, HOPPIER) place!

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