Measure your body fat


This device will tell you without any reservations exactly how fat you are. YAY, HONESTY! the Skulpt Aim/Chisel is a handheld device that accurately measures your body fat so you can keep track of your progress. The mad scientists at Skulpt state that it is very close to the “gold standard” of body fat testing; DEXA x-ray scans in which you go to a lab and people with glasses test you as you lay semi-naked on a table for their enjoyment.



It is super easy to use. You simply spray the device with the included water sprayer and you can test either an individual body part or perform a “quick test” in which you get the average of four major body parts (bicep, tricep, abs, quadricep). Or you can perform a thorough test and test ALL major body parts for even greater accuracy. I use the quick test on a regular basis.

The new Chisel device is on sale for $99 instead of $199 like the aim. Get it before they change their minds!

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