Poop like a boss

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Ever feel like you stopped short of total elimination? The Squatty Potty toilet stool allows you to poop like a boss! Like a very healthy boss, you sit with your knees elevated in a healthy and natural squat position in order to completely rid yourself of unwanted mass. Squatting is the natural way that humans were designed to poop but the modern, Western toilet has ruined pooping. Without going into disgusting detail (too late?), the Squatty Potty positions you in a way that opens up your colon allowing waste to simply slide out (definitely too late).

Apparently, doctors love The Squatty Potty as seen in this funny video from the Emmy Award winning show, The Doctors:

There are a bunch to choose from including a bamboo version that can only be found on the website so click here to check them out:


Have fun pooping and welcome to not being so sucky with total elimination!

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